QSL card history

On this page you'll find an overview of my current QSL cards and the QSL cards I've used in the past.

Current design
As I'm more active on HF now I decided for two designs, one for HF/6m and one for VHF and up and satellite. As I wanted to make the cards more personal I used a lot of pictures of my own setup.
I made some improvements to the back side as I got really tired of writing my station setup on every card. On these cards I only have to mark off the equipment I used. Saves me a lot of time ;)

This is the VHF and up/satellite design. I use images of my portable satellite setup, the 2m and 70cm cross yagi antennas on the roof of my house, a picture of myself in the radio room and a nice image of the ISS.


Below you see the HF/6m design. Here I used images of my 6m HB9CV antenna on the roof of my house, a nice spectograph image, a picture of my GPM-1500 HF vertical antenna, an ionosphere image, my portable station setup, the picture of me in the radio room and a waterfall image of PSK31 signals.


September, 2006
From September 4-8, 2006 I was on Texel Isl. (IOTA EU-038) for a short holiday break and did some portable satellite operation. Below you can see the special QSL card I designed for that.
The front is a satellite image of Texel Isl. and on the back there is a photo of me with the portable station in action ;)


In May 2004 I applied for a new callsign, PH7AT. Mainly active on satellites I decided for a nice space image of the early stages of ISS.
The cards (of excellent quality) were printed by Max ON5UR.



In this period I was active only on 6m, VHF and satellite. I tried to reflect those interests with the selected images on the card.


I designed this card on an Atari ST home computer. The image was rendered using software I wrote myself which calculated interference patterns of two or more sine point sources (yes, math can be fun ;) ).