traffic news

4-8 september 2006
I was active on satellites from Texel island (IOTA EU-038) during a short holiday break.
I was using my handheld QRP station (5 W) to work AO-51, made 9 QSOs and had a lot of fun.

2 september 2006
Made my first Mode V/S QSO with ON5SA on AO-51 using my portable QRP setup (5W uplink) in the backyard! Also called CQ on VO-52 but did not make any QSOs. I could hear myself very clear on the downlink though.

29-30 july 2006
IOTA Contest 2006.
I had 47 QSOs and worked 44 IOTA islands. I worked 1 new country on 10m, 1 new country on 15m and 4 new countries on 20m.

9 july 2006
IARU HF World Championship 2006.
I had 31 QSOs on 15m and worked 11 new countries. I had 18 QSOs on 20m.
I only took part in the last 2 hours of the contest.

4 april 2006
Worked Mark VO1ONE/P via SO-50 and AO-27 during his mini satellite DXpedition from the rare grid GN36.

28 february 2006
First intercontinental QSO via SO-50 with Mark VO1ONE who was portable in New Foundland.
Thanks Mark!

3 february 2006
SuitSat has been launched during an EVA by the crew of ISS.
According to a lot of radio amateurs across the world, signals are very weak. Reason yet unknown.

30 december 2005
Managed a QSO with Bill McArthur NA1SS onboard the International Space Station tonight! He worked a lot of European stations on this pass. Very exciting!
Listen to the audio recording here.

29 december 2005
I almost completed a QSO with Bill McArthur NA1SS onboard the International Space Station tonight. Unfortunately due to the horrible QRM over Europe Bill only copied 'H7AT' :(
Ah well... better luck next time.

24 november 2005
Worked FP/K8MM on AO-51 and FO-29.
Ian K8MM was on a DXpedition on St. Pierre and Miquelon. A nice new DXCC entity on satellite for me!

30 october 2005
CQ Worldwide DX Contest SSB. Great fun once again: 137 QSOs.
I had 19 QSOs on 80m, worked 9 new countries. Best DX: OH5LF (1765 km).
I had 33 QSOs on 20m, worked 4 new countries. Best DX: JH1OGC (9369 km).
I had 85 QSOs on 15m, worked 21 new countries. Best DX: AY8A (11399 km).
(I worked WAC on 15m).

10 september 2005
First transatlantic qso on AO-51 with VO1ONE in GN37. Thanks Mark!

9-10 july 2005
2005 IARU HF World Championship Contest.
I had 67 QSOs on 20m, worked 6 new countries.
I had 12 QSOs on 15m, worked 9 new countries.

6 may 2005

5 may 2005
A new LEO amateur satellite, VUSAT/HAMSAT was launched succesfully today by AMSAT India.

31 october 2004
CQ Worldwide DX Contest. Had great fun.
I had 116 QSOs on 20m, worked 17 new countries. Best DX: W2UP (6072 km).
I had 11 QSOs on 40m, worked 11 new countries. Best DX: VP2E (6967 km).

17 october 2004
Worked WB4LHD in EM55DB via AO7. Best DX so far: 7408 km.

20 september 2004
First PSK31 qso (on 40 m) with 9A6ZT. Thanks Zdravok!

29 august 2004
First qso on SO-50 with OZ1MY. Thanks Ib! Also made my first qso via the ISS mode B repeater with F8BSY.

6 august 2004
Made my first qso on AO-51 (finally) with ON5NY. Thanks Walt!

29 june 2004
Today, the AMSAT ECHO satellite has been launched succesfully. In a few weeks time this LEO FM satellite will be open for general amateur radio use.

23 may 2004
Nice opening on 6m into LA/SM/OH/OZ/MI/MM.
Worked 2 new countries and 10 new grid squares.

25 april 2004
Heard dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers having a school contact from ISS. Unfortunately my audio recording of this QSO failed.
Made some new pictures today for the "My station" section and updated the old ones.

12 march 2004
Received telemetry of UOSAT-2. Check the QSL section to see the special 20 year aniversary QSL card.

31 january 2004
Bad news. There is a possible battery failure in AO-40 rendering it non-operational at the moment. Just when I received my 13cm downconverter :(
Hopefully the sat will become operational soon...

29 december 2003
Made my first satellite QSO across the Atlantic with W4MVB via AO-7.
Updated the AMSAT section of the website.

25 october 2002
Received QSL from RS0ISS! Check out the Special QSL section in the QSO Logbook menu.

26 august 2002
Received a recording of my QSO with RS0ISS from Fransico CT1EAT. Thanks Francisco!
You can listen to it on the AMSAT, ISS page.

24 juli 2002
Worked RS0ISS Valeri Korzun onboard the International Space Station on 2m FM voice. Very cool!

15 juli 2002
My first AO-7 QSO. Worked DL8GAP using mode A on this 28 year old amateur radio satellite resurrected from the dead after 20+ years of silence.

12 december 2001
Short opening on 6m to the USA. Worked W3UUM in Texas.
Best DX so far on 6m (8200 km)!

24 november 2001
Great opening on 6m to the Caribean area. Worked WP4LUU in Puerto Rico.
Best DX so far on 6m (7223 km).

11 november 2001
My first AO-10 QSO! Really exciting stuff!
Worked F1TDO using only 50 W with a discone/6 element yagi combination.

27 october 2001
Made my first satellite QSO ever with OQ1BE on RS-12/13!