13 november 2007
Finally got around to updating the grid square pictures in the statistics area.

1 april 2007
I'm really sick of braindead spammers posting rubbisch in my guestbook so I implemented an IP ban in the guestbook. Posting non-radio related content will result in an IP ban from now on.

18 january 2007
A major storm hit the Netherlands today (one of the worst in national history).
Luckily no damage to the antennas!

11 september 2006
Major site update. I changed the layout a bit and did some optimalisation of the navigation. The site also doesn't use frames anymore so it should be easier to link to pages of interest.

1 september 2006
Added a QSL card history page where you can see my previous QSL cards. You can find it in the QSL & Awards section.

27 july 2006
I became an AMSAT member today. As I really enjoy working satellites I think it's only fair to support the development of amateur satellites!

21 july 2006
Finally got around to sorting my incoming QSL cards and updating my electronic log.
I applied for several AMSAT awards for which I had enough cards now.

11 march 2006
Today my daughter was born!
I guess there will not be much time for radio stuff now...

7 february 2006
Tested my AIDC3731 downconverter (K5GNA) today with home-made hybrid quad antenna and IC-R20 receiver. Receiving AO-51 in mode V/S went very well. I'll have to get used to the amount of doppler on 13cm however ;)

5 february 2006
Recorded several passes of SuitSat during the night using computer controlled antennas but nothing heard. The fact that I have high QRM on the SuitSat downlink frequency doesn't help either.

4 february 2006
Did some experiments trying to receive AO-7, AO-27, AO-51 and VO-52 with my new Icom IC-R20 using an Arrow antenna (no preamp). Standing outside in my back garden, reception of all satellites was excellent! The built-in audio recorder of the IC-R20 is perfect for recording portable satellite contacts.

12 november 2005
Finally installed the control cables for the polarisation switches for the 2m and 70cm X-Quad antennas. A great improvement in reception!
My first test receiving AO-51 using right-hand circular polarisation resulted in a solid 57 reception AOS to LOS with no QSB. Before (using vertical polarisation) I received AO-51 about 52 with QSB.

12 august 2005
Finished the LVB tracker kit I bought at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium. Worked at first go!
Check the project pages for more info.

29-31 july 2005
I attended the AMSAT-UK 20th Annual Colloquium at Surrey University in Guildford, UK.
Had a great time. Check out a photo impression here.

14 may 2005
Installed vertical antenna for the HF bands (GPM-1500). A BIG difference with the indoor random wire I used before! Already worked and heard a lot of nice DX.

14 october 2004
Received my new QSL cards today. QSL backlog will be cleared soon now.

27 june 2004
I wrote a little program to update kepler files with a click on a button. You can download it in the projects section.

7 may 2004
New website online!
The domain will remain active till the end of this year.

4 may 2004
Received my new callsign today: PH7AT.

1 may 2004
I applied for a new callsign today. More about this soon ;)

10 january 2004
Installed 6m HB9CV antenna.
Updated the layout of the website.

7 december 2003
Had very bad SWR on 2m antenne. When I checked on the roof one of the coax cables was torn off! The cables where probably too short so there was too much strain on them while turning the antennas. I'm using longer cables now and rerouted the cables along the boom. See the new pictures in the gallery.

21 november 2003
Update the site and rearranged some things.
Also added a picture gallery with pictures of my station.

15 november 2003
Installed preamps for 2m and 70cm on the roof. What a difference it is! The only thing left to do is connecting the polarisation switches to the shack so I can switch antenna polarisation. At the moment both antennas are fixed to vertical polarisation.
Check out the Current Station page for new pictures of my shack and antennas.

10 november 2003
Installed the AZ/EL rotor with 2m and 70cm X-Quad antennas on the roof of my house.

20 september 2003
Today I mounted the discone antenna on the roof of my house. First step towards a fully operational station. I also bought an antenna tuner today and installed an indoor random wire for working the HF bands. Tuning is no problem from 80 to 12 metres, but I'm have troubles on 10 metres.
Made my first 80m and 40m QSOs tonight.

1 september 2003
Great news. As a result of agreed upon changes in article 25 of the radio regulations during the WRC-2003 convention, national administrations can decide if knowledge of morse code is nescessary for radio amateurs to allow access to the HF bands.
The Dutch administration decided that, from 1 september, dutch radio amateurs with a CEPT Class 2 license may use the HF bands appointed to radio amateurs! No morse code exams are needed anymore.

1 december 2002
Moved to a new house. It will take some time before I will be able to put up my
antennas again.

3 october 2002
Added some more information and a links section to the WXSAT area.

5 september 2002
Added some pages to the WXSAT area. Check out the first NOAA pictures I received.

26 august 2002
Received a recording of my QSO with RS0ISS from Fransico CT1EAT. Thanks Francisco!
You can listen to it on the AMSAT, ISS page.