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nirmala.mp48@yahoo.c wrote on Thursday, 26 January 2012. 10:23:17 UTC

Can you design a s-band QFH antenna with dimensions :dia -12 mm ,width-
13mm ,length : 50 mm

F6ECB wrote on Friday, 16 December 2011. 18:58:21 UTC

Nice Web Site congratulations, what do you thing about your HF vertical
antenna GPM 1500 ? Best 73, Richard

Sam wrote on Monday, 8 August 2011. 15:47:39 UTC

I have an Icom IC-R20 and need a conversion utility to make the file
playable on my pc. I have searched the net to no avail. Please help
if you can.

You can contact me at
or 314 568-9392

yc 7 mat wrote on Thursday, 31 March 2011. 00:53:35 UTC

hai iam from indonesia, nice too see your web, thank for all

EA7HFG wrote on Wednesday, 16 March 2011. 16:39:02 UTC

Me gusta me gusta.
Da muchas ideas en mi caso a quien dispone de poco sitio.
Ilustrativo y documentado, muy bien.
73 PH67AT from Spain.

EA7FGJ wrote on Tuesday, 1 February 2011. 10:47:45 UTC

I saw that you use the IC R20.
Had you use this scanner with the AO51 in S downlink?

My mail is

Cordially. Max. EA7FGJ.

KC8GRQ wrote on Sunday, 14 November 2010. 18:17:07 UTC

I really like the satellite antenna setup. Very simple, but clean and
effective. I was going to do mine on a tower, but I might copy your
idea, since height isnt really needed. - KC8GRQ USA

Dubi wrote on Saturday, 3 April 2010. 18:20:16 UTC

Dear PH7AT
do you have an E mail?
can i ask for your advise?

Dubi wrote on Thursday, 1 April 2010. 23:15:58 UTC

Dear Sir
Nice an interesting website
Please advice what antenna are recommend for my R20?
What do you think of connecting Discone antenna to my R20?
i afraid from overload is it real?
please advise


Eduardo CT1CHX wrote on Wednesday, 10 March 2010. 15:03:21 UTC

CT3FM wrote on Saturday, 21 November 2009. 16:33:31 UTC

73`s from Madeira Island

A61N wrote on Wednesday, 18 November 2009. 13:49:40 UTC

GOOD DAY nice site

Jan Suldovsky wrote on Saturday, 29 August 2009. 12:47:09 UTC

Great web page!
I am getting my ZL callsign next weekend!

73 Jan

ZS6FZ wrote on Wednesday, 12 August 2009. 06:57:21 UTC

Very nice site. I like I like.
Frik ZS6FZ

KD5GM wrote on Saturday, 14 March 2009. 21:53:00 UTC

Your web site looks great. Thanks for having it posted. I was
looking for information about az-el controlers that work with Yeasu
450g and 550g.


SP8AQK wrote on Sunday, 14 December 2008. 15:15:58 UTC

73 from Poland

SP1WSR wrote on Monday, 8 December 2008. 21:25:07 UTC


Thanks for QSO via sat and QSL.
Nice homepage.Many interesting
pictures and super radio station.

Vy 73 from Poland!

pu2fkl wrote on Thursday, 20 November 2008. 23:07:46 UTC

73 for you. tanks for examples.

SQ5FLG wrote on Thursday, 11 September 2008. 19:25:52 UTC

THX fer QSO via VO52, Andre :-D
73! from Poland

KB7ULT wrote on Thursday, 21 August 2008. 13:35:14 UTC

Nice web page. Just my new LVB tracker today. I went through the set
up and got (+180) (000) in the right colom. Hooked up to the
computer with hyperterminal on com5 and it stalls. I am running the
5400b and a pc. Your thoughts?

Dusty KB7ULT

Tony G7OEM wrote on Friday, 4 July 2008. 23:02:05 UTC

HI Andre, I have just restarted on the satellites and at the moment
just working Leo,s with home made Arrow type antenna into 2HTs. so
it is all very qrp but it works. I would like to know if your 2 and
70 system are home made. My Email is on QRZ
73 Tony G7OEM

PA1LOU/HB9TNG wrote on Thursday, 26 June 2008. 08:49:41 UTC

Hallo Andre,

Leuke website!
Kom ik na 2,5 maand via Irving erachter dat jij ook zendamateur
Ik zie dat jij vooral in de hogere frequenties actief bent.
Zelf ben ik niet zo actief, maar op vakantie gaat de FT-817ND wel

Louis Urlings.

sq3fyk wrote on Tuesday, 11 March 2008. 15:33:40 UTC

This website is greate.Thanks for many contacts via sat.Good work
73 !

Charles MW3YCR wrote on Tuesday, 12 February 2008. 08:33:52 UTC

Enjoyed browsing your website. Many thanks indeed for the advice.

LA4FPA wrote on Tuesday, 1 January 2008. 13:18:59 UTC

PA3HGY wrote on Friday, 17 August 2007. 21:14:42 UTC

Hoi Andre,
Wat van soort headset gebruik jij bij die ft817, ik zoek er 1tje
voor bij mn yaesu vx7-r die standaard vc25 vind ik niet een fijn
model ik wil graag aan 2 oren geluid hebben, misschien weet jij wat..
Voor de rest gaat alles goed hier, die arrow antenne is echt super.
groeten en tot ziens


PA3HGY wrote on Thursday, 8 February 2007. 18:12:13 UTC

Hey, leuke site ..
Liep er zo toevallig tegen aan, hij staat bij mn favorites :)

Ik ben op zoek naar die arrow antenne die je gebruikt voor portable
gebruik, bij amsat uk zijn ze sold out per 4 january 2007, en ik heb
Al zelf een mail gedaan maar hij wil niet overseas verzenden weet
jij er nog 1?

keep up the good work.


st2nh wrote on Friday, 5 January 2007. 23:15:24 UTC

wll done ,vry nice web keep up the great work
73 de nader st2nh

Hans PE1BVQ wrote on Thursday, 26 October 2006. 21:42:35 UTC

Hi Andre, je site wordt steeds mooier, mijn complimenten. Ben zelf
pas enige maanden aktief op de sats. Werk nog vrij primitief met
TS790A/E en 5 el. homemade yagi horz. VHF en 8 elem. yagi vert. op 1
boom met vaste elev. van 15 graden. Ik heb veel getest met antennes
van K5OE, maar de yagi's werken nog steeds het beste. "CU on the
sats" 73 Hans PE1BVQ

PD0HNL wrote on Saturday, 22 July 2006. 08:11:24 UTC

Mooie site Andre, veel nuttige en interessante info, ik ben zelf net
begonnen met sat communicatie, erg leuk om te doen. Ik gebruik een
9el. kruisyagi voor 2m en een 17 el. kruisyagi voor 70cm, beiden
zijn rechtsom circulair, de TX/RX is een Yaesu FT-847.
S6 met de hobby en we komen elkaar nog wel tegen.


IW1DTU wrote on Monday, 23 January 2006. 19:44:30 UTC

thanks for the QSO and congratulation for your activity
73 Fer

EI2IP wrote on Thursday, 5 January 2006. 19:03:45 UTC

Hi Andre,
Sorry about the poor copy on SO-50, 5-Jan-2006, 18:49 GMT.

I was sitting in my car when I heard you call..

The satellite was quite weak but I could hear you..

Maybe we will get a chance to speak again.

You have a very interesting web page..



ON4API wrote on Wednesday, 7 December 2005. 22:01:00 UTC

ON3PCO - Paul wrote on Friday, 25 November 2005. 12:21:29 UTC

TERRY G1WPR wrote on Monday, 31 October 2005. 23:12:16 UTC


DO7VLR wrote on Monday, 24 October 2005. 09:26:52 UTC

Hallo Andre,

thanks for the short contact yesterday via AO-7 at 21:30 local time
here in germany. This was my second contact via a satellite in phone.
Perhaps we hear us again, I now focus on VO-52 which has great signals
at my site.
Antennas: X-Quad 2m/70cm, TRX: YAESU FT-847

vy 73 de Lukas, DO7VLR
QTH: Neunkirchen

PS: great homepage !!

EB4DEH wrote on Friday, 7 October 2005. 23:27:54 UTC

Hi Andre.
This is David in Madrid (IN80CP)
TNX x QSO via AO51. You were loud via the ECHO Sat
Recording of the QSO going to you via Email.

Is it possible the direct QSL exchange or has to be via bureau?

Best 73 and congrats for the nice web page.

David EB4DEH

KA2KCI wrote on Monday, 26 September 2005. 23:33:03 UTC

Update to my last post. Albany was formerly know as Fort Orange,
not New Amsterdam. Sorry about that!

KA2KCI wrote on Monday, 26 September 2005. 23:29:48 UTC

Hello Andre. I just contacted you on AO Echo. Nice Webpage! You
are my first Netherlands QSO via satellite. I am originally from
Albany, NY which used to be known as New Amsterdam, one of the
earliest Dutch Colonies in the USA. It was founded in 1608 by Henry
Hudson. Albany still celebrates its Dutch Heritage with pride.

VO1ONE wrote on Saturday, 10 September 2005. 22:44:24 UTC

Hello Andre!

Thank you very much for the contact on AO-51 tonight. It looked like
my AOS was close to your LOS, but glad to be able to make contact here
from GN37om. Also, I see you are collecting IOTA via satellite. My
IOTA designator is NA-027. Your webpage is great! Excellent work!

Hope to work you again, soon! 73 from Newfoundland,


EB5BBA wrote on Friday, 19 August 2005. 18:29:06 UTC

Hello Andre,
Fantastic Webpage

Thank for the contact , very nice.
All the Best !!!

73 & QRV Satelite....

EB4DEH wrote on Friday, 5 August 2005. 22:46:17 UTC

Hi. I have listen you loud and clear in this last of AO51. You have
made a QSO with EA4DS.

73 de David EB4DEH

IZ1ERR wrote on Wednesday, 27 April 2005. 19:29:52 UTC

Very nice site.
You can take a look at my website at

'73 Piero IZ1ERR

SQ7DQX wrote on Sunday, 28 November 2004. 19:27:12 UTC

Hallo. Thanks a lot for my first qso
via AO-7. I was transmitting from FT817 and old DL7KM aerial (2x11
el) with only 2,5W into antenna !
I have some QSOs via FO29-I started some days ago with SAT. I
will be very glad if you visit my home page Your web site is very good.
Good luck from Matt SQ7DQX

PD0SCY wrote on Saturday, 20 November 2004. 16:16:27 UTC

Hele fraaie site!Door hier te kijken nu ook gebruiker van SatPC32 om
de Icom IC910H of de Yaesu FT-847 mee aan te sturen.Ook je
antennepark spreekt mij aan,gezien ik nu de satellieten bestook met
rondstalers vert. en big wheels horizontaal,en dat alles op
achterbalkon op 2de verdieping.Kortom een hele leerzame site voor
73 es gd Dx de Gerard,PD0SCY

PD0SCY wrote on Thursday, 18 November 2004. 16:34:18 UTC

Bedankt voor het automatisch updaten van de keplers in satPC32 !
Liep er toevallig tegenaan hi.

Werkt perfekt
73 de Gerard

OZ1AKZ wrote on Friday, 24 September 2004. 19:18:35 UTC

Hi Andre
TNX for my first QSO on SO-50 hope to meet you
again on the air
73`s de OZ1AKZ
Flemming Nielsen

EB4DKA - Peter wrote on Wednesday, 25 August 2004. 16:33:13 UTC

Congratulations for your website!
Hope to meet you again via FO-29 from mobile.
Best 73s from Spain,
Pedro EB4DKA

DO1SGL wrote on Monday, 23 August 2004. 22:36:44 UTC

Hi Andre,
nice to work you via FO29....
73 de DO1SGL,Stefan

Andrea IK5QLO wrote on Monday, 23 August 2004. 10:12:21 UTC

Hi Andre,
nice to work you via sat and also nice web site.
73s cu agn

Andrea IK5QLO

pa7dw wrote on Thursday, 8 April 2004. 18:39:43 UTC

Hi Andre,
HF niet zo goed bevallen?
Volgens je log alleen V en UHF qso\'s (op een paar na).
1) Ik heb nog enkele buro qsls voor je.
2) Ik heb nog ergens wat digitale foto\'s van de apparatuur van
PI3ZLB, misschien op de website van A22 te plaatsen?



PA3GJE wrote on Thursday, 19 February 2004. 14:41:28 UTC

PA3ELB wrote on Thursday, 19 February 2004. 14:37:30 UTC

PA3GKY wrote on Friday, 16 January 2004. 21:17:23 UTC

Hallo Andre. Blij met je kennis te hebben gemaakt. Ben nu alweer warm
aan het lopen voor het sat-gebeuren. Je page ziet er erg leuk uit. Ik
mis alleen maar een juiste update zodat ik meteen op het scherm zie
welke sat. er die dag eventueel te werken is. Ik heb vroeger eens
zo\'n programma gehad. Ik moet alles hapklaar hebben, hi. Groetjes,

EA1IW (Antonio) wrote on Wednesday, 14 January 2004. 23:56:48 UTC

pa7dw wrote on Tuesday, 7 October 2003. 19:33:26 UTC

Op HF actief he! Nu nog in CW......
We moeten maar eens een sked maken op hf, 6m, 2m ,70 of 23 cm.

Roger wrote on Wednesday, 17 July 2002. 20:20:27 UTC

Jerry KC5YRE wrote on Wednesday, 13 March 2002. 18:31:18 UTC

Yes, I did make it to your web site. Now, let me see if I can follow

Are you into utillities, WUN, ALE, HFDL?

Jerry Ervine KC5YRE

G4AJG wrote on Wednesday, 13 March 2002. 09:51:30 UTC

Hi Andre,
You have a very fine Web site with lots of useful info.I hope to work
you sometime on one of the birds.Maybe UO-14,Etc.I am on AO-40/AO-10
mainly on SSB.
You mention use of R1000 PCV rx,
and you have given the frequency range up to 2500Mhz.I too have one
but mine goes only up to 1800Mhz.Has yours in Holland a higher range ?
Just curious.
Peter G4AJG

IT9GSV Andrea wrote on Saturday, 2 March 2002. 00:59:46 UTC

Hi Andre,
the Kursk University QSO wase made but recepition is not good due
maybe microphone problem or crew voice.
Great page and I hope to meet you via Sat soon.
All the best, Andrea

Fabio IZ1EGT wrote on Wednesday, 20 February 2002. 14:03:14 UTC

Hi Andre, tnx for the qso on mode A via RS12.
Hope to catch you on other birds.
I'm also active on 6mts with a 5el. Yagi so catch you on E-sporadic on
the next mouths.

OE6SMD Marc wrote on Tuesday, 19 February 2002. 20:20:55 UTC

pa7dw wrote on Tuesday, 5 February 2002. 09:18:49 UTC

Het blijft leuk.........

Huub Briels, PE1MUL wrote on Monday, 21 January 2002. 13:27:55 UTC

Ziet er prima uit, Andre!
Vooral die FT-847 komt me erg bekent voor :-)

Tot werkens, 73!

Andre, PE1OIG wrote on Tuesday, 8 January 2002. 15:13:27 UTC

Hi, welcome to my guestbook!