About ph7at.net

Welcome to my homepage!

This website is about one of my hobbies: amateur radio.
I am a licensed amateur radio operator since 1991. My callsign at that time was PE1OIG.
I have a CEPT Class II license (Dutch Category C), which means I can use the radio frequency spectrum allocated to amateur radio from 50 MHz (6 m) and up. Since September 1st, 2003 I am also allowed to use the HF bands allocated to radio amateurs.

Me in front of the satellite antennas On May 4, 2004 I applied for and got assigned a new callsign: PH7AT.

I like DXing on HF (especially 17m) and the 6m band, working amateur satellites like AO-7, FO-29, AO-27, SO-50 and I enjoy using digital modes like packet radio and PSK31.

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You can reach me at
ph7at at ph7at dot net.


Andre, PH7AT